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No longer will you be at the mercy of an unreliable bus service, while you can also bid farewell to the awkwardness of asking a friend or family member for lifts. Learning to drive doesn’t discriminate against age either. Whether you are 18 or 58, you are never too old to finally get behind the wheel.

Qualified Instructor

Greg is far from your average instructor. His reasons for getting into the job in the first place were largely down to his passion for safe driving. When you are taught by Greg at KJA, not only will you become an accomplished driver, you will also learn to be one of the safest drivers on the road.

The Road to Success

Lessons are reasonably priced and vary between one hour and two hours. If you are tired of public transport and want to learn how to drive, call or email KJA Driver Training today.

Expert Driver Training

Learning to drive is a hugely important undertaking in anyone’s life. The freedom gained from this invaluable skill will bring a new-found lease of life that you perhaps never imagined possible.

Selecting the right instructor to suit your needs

Before you can enjoy the many benefits of driving, first of all, you must enlist the services of an instructor who can teach you all there is to learn before going on to sit a driving test. 

The most important characteristics of any quality driving instructor are patience, understanding and a calm way of imparting knowledge. 

Any learner who comes to KJA Driver Training is guaranteed the very best one-to-one tuition. Our resident instructor, Greg Fox, has been teaching people how to drive since 2010, and during that time he has built up a long list of satisfied customers who have gone on to pass their test.

We will start you out on the road to success

Catering for learner drivers in Scarborough, Whitby, Malton, Pickering, Driffield and Bridlington (with surrounding areas considered upon request), most of our enquiries are based on word of mouth recommendations, which speaks volumes for the reputation that KJA Driver Training has earned in a relatively short period of time.

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