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Learning to drive a heavy/large goods vehicle (HGV/LGV) has set millions of people on the road to a long and successful career over the years. You could take your first step on that road by undergoing HGV or LGV training with us. KJA Driver Training offers affordable, high-quality training courses from our site that covers the Scarborough, Whitby, Malton, Pickering, Driffield and Bridlington areas.

Once you complete your training, you will be qualified to drive a full range of large vehicles, from tipper trucks to transit lorries to bin lorries. And, best of all, the door will be open for you to enter an industry that has tens of thousands of jobs on offer all over the UK. With the right training and qualifications under your belt, you will never find yourself short of work opportunities.

The Basics


You may want to get clued up about some of the basics of commercial driving licenses before enquiring about HGV training or LGV training. First is the difference between the two designations – practically speaking, they are the same thing, but HGV is the British acronym and LGV is the European one. Both point to commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.


The second thing to know is the range of different licence categories/classes. We deal with a wide range of classes in our training, but the HGV-specific ones are:


Cat. C1 – for vehicles above 3.5 tonnes but below 7.5 tonnes
Cat. C1+E – for vehicles above 3.5 tonnes but below 7.5 tonnes with trailer
Cat. C – for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes but below 38 tonnes
Cat. C+E – for vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, with trailers over 750kg (Articulated) but below 48 tonne, or rigid vehicles with draw bar


At KJA Driver Training we prepare students for their practical skills tests at approved facilities. We can send a trainer with their student on the day of the examination to provide support, and we have a high pass rate among our list of students.

Requirements for HGV/LGV training


If you are interested in taking a training course, you are welcome to inquire with KJA Driver Training. The law requires that you possess a full car licence, are over the age of 18 and acquire a driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). You will also need:


  • Good health in order to pass a routine medical exam.

  • Provisional entitlement, which requires submitting some paperwork (we can help with this).

  • Theory test, which involves a 100-question theory and hazard-perception examination.


When you meet all the requirements, you are ready to begin your HGV training with us. All training is delivered by competent, experienced professionals who possess all the skills to fully prepare you to be a safe and successful driver. If you are interested in being one of the many successful HGV drivers trained by KJA Driver Training, then get in touch today and start your journey to a new career.